About Nate

My name is Nathan Purcell. I have been drawn to tattooing since an early age. I saw a back piece on this guy; it was a nice mermaid spread out on a rock with waves crashing around her. After that sighting, the idea of tattooing was engraved into my mind. After high school I had been getting tattooed at a shop in a nearby town when I was asked to be an apprentice. The shop was the Golden Lotus, owned by my longtime mentor Jason Sexton.

After tattooing there from 2009 to 2014 I moved to East Tennessee. It was really tough finding a shop that I could call home. After bouncing around Elizabethton to Johnson City and back again; Rusty Sorrell took me in at Pioneer. I love this shop and the crew I work with and plan on staying here for the life of this shop.

Long Live Pioneer.