About Sean

My name is Sean Harvey. I am an Elizabethton native, who’s lived in many different states from a young age. I spent a lot of time in Florida and Texas before landing back in Tennessee at the age of 24.

During my time of living in other areas; art and tattooing has always found a way into my life. I finally landed an apprenticeship under Shaun Embry in 2012. After he decided to close his shop, Studio 13 in Johnson City took me under their wings, where they finished my apprenticeship. In 2015, I heard Rusty Sorrell had opened Pioneer in Elizabethton so I decided to check it out. Rusty asked me if I wanted to work there and I guess the rest in history.

I specialize in traditional tattoos and aside from tattooing I’m learning how to build tattoo machines. I aspire to be a custom machine builder in the future.


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